Visiting Teachers and Practitioners

Donna Russo

Donna brings her beautiful Soul Drawing Readings to Sapphire Holistic Center, as well as her Heart & Soul Oracle Card Readings to our Monthly Psychic Fair and on other various dates throughout the year.

Linda Rutledge

Linda, a BioField Tuning Practitioner and Teacher, brings her love of this healing modality to Sapphire Holistic Center on various dates throughout the year.

John is a Certified EFT Practitioner and Sports Performance Coach who brings his love of powerful healing modalities to Sapphire Holistic Center on various dates throughout the year.

Linda is a Psychic/Medium and Tarot Card Reader who is part of our Monthly Psychic Fair. Linda brings her natural talent and gifts to help others on their journey.

Linda Fate

John Fiore

Mary Bernadette

Mary Bernadette joins us as a Healer for our Monthly Psychic Fair and other Center Events, bringing her gifts as a Ho’oponopono Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Animal Reiki Practitioner as well. 

Sharon O'Brien

Sharon joins Sapphire Holistic Center with her 30 year background of Tarot Card Reading and Teaching. She shares her love of Tarot with Introductory classes and Tarot Shares, and also as a Reader at our Monthly Psychic Fair


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