The Sapphire Team

Maura Bertotti

Owner ~ Angel Channeler ~ Medium ~ Past Life Regressionist 

We are all students and we are all teachers. Maura's goal has been to create a place of unconditional love for everyone. A place for people to look beyond boundaries, stretch their beliefs, find their faith. Maura loves teaching, supporting and educating the Community about Holistic adventures, and allowing people to explore, heal and grow at their own pace. Maura shares her healing, love, support, guidance and direction from the Angels, from Spirit and from our Crossed Over Loved Ones, while providing a safe and sacred sanctuary where we can all heal, & open our hearts.

John Shambhu Eustor

Owner ~ Sound/Energy Healer

John is a musician and Healer with over 30 years experience. For the past seven years he has been involved with tribal and shamanic drumming, dance, sound, light and vibrational healing.  John hosts Crystal Bowl and Gong Meditations to allow vibration, music and a creative expression of the Soul. This is a way for us to express Healing, Harmony and the Divine Order of the Universe.

Barbara Mele

Laughter Yoga Teacher

Join Barbara for her Laughter Yoga Class. It's sure to leave you feeling great, invigorated and happy! Barbara is Certified by the Laughter Yoga International University! Barbara is also an incredible Artist. Art From The Heart is available at the Center, where every piece is created with love!  

Ann Merli

E-RYT200 ~ AYS ~ RMT ~ LMT

Ann has currently relocated back to the NorthEast. She is available for private healing sessions every other Thursday starting Sept. 10th. Please visit her website at Cardinal Way Wellness to book a session. She is also the computer geek for Sapphire Holistic Center.

Fayth Ellen

Events Coordinator ~ Medium & Psychic

Fayth brings her gifts of natural organization as well as her Spiritual Gifts of Mediumship & Psychic abilities to the Center. She is often seen running the front desk at Psychic Fairs and other monthly Events, supporting us in so many ways. Phone Readings are also available with Fayth.

Adrienne Gammal

Crystal Healer & Reiki Master

Adrienne is a Certified Crystal Master Teacher, Healer, Reiki Master and Guided Meditation Teacher for over 20 years. Being a Crystal Expert, Adrienne loves introducing people to the wonderful World of Crystals, serving the Community with her top quality items. She brings us a unique understanding of the entire Crystal Kingdom. 

Danielle Marggraf

Master Energy Healer

Danielle is a Master Energy Medicine Practitioner and Somatic Therapist with an MA in Special Education. Danielle is also a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Reiki Master and Certified Facilitator of Women’s Wisdom Circles. She holds group programs for reading, assessing, clearing and moving energy blocks.  Danielle is an extraordinary Healer and Reader bringing vibrancy, ambition and power into her work. We are so happy to offer her talents and gifts to our Community as an Energy Medicine Practitioner! In her Sessions, Danielle uses multiple Healing tools and has recently brought Somatic Therapy into her Practice, which is a life changing Holistic therapy.  

Talena Ward

Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher

Talena brings forth this gentle Practice through her teaching that yoga is accessible to everyone, with the sharing of compassionate self-acceptance, adapting to all body types, ages and fitness levels.


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